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Propolis Ousia
Propolis Ousia

Propolis Ousia

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The pure essence extract.

Propolis (or bee glue/resin) is a resinous material used by bees to seal cracks in their hives, made by resin collected from trees mixed with a little honey. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have been using propolis for their medicinal properties to fight infections and helping the healing process. Propolis contains high flavonoids and recent findings have shown that it has potent action against harmful pathogens and powerful healing properties. Researchers have confirmed that propolis contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties making it the most ideal remedy in today's society.


This precious "serum" is the antidote made by the bees. There are 3 types of propolis, however the more common ones are the black and green propolis. The green propolis has higher bioflavonoids content as compared to the black ones. Our green propolis is alcohol-free and extracted solely from our stingless bees' hives.


It's exquisite bitterness and burning sensation makes it repelling yet many couldn't get enough of it as it has been proven to be very effective for them.


Natural "Antibiotics"
Healing properties

Sore throats




Using the dropper

Recommended For adults: 3-5 Drops daily

For kids below 12 yo: 1-2 Drops daily

Dosage may increase depending on severity of condition

*kindly seek advice before consuming



Always keep the cap sealed when not in use

Store product in cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight

Does not require refrigeration



  • For Consumption only (application at your own risk)
  • For children under 1 year old (Consumption at own risk)
  • For pregnancy and babies please consult your physician for best advice


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