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Stingless Bee Honey
Stingless Bee Honey
Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless Bee Honey

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The naturally-fermented and sour one.

Produced by the Trigona bees a.k.a Stingless bees, this honey is naturally fermented and naturally sour – nothing added.

These bees are usually found in the tropical regions, they have stingers but they are too small to be effective. They usually nest in open tree cavities, rock crevices, or underground openings. The stingless bee honey is stored in resin (propolis)pots, in a bacterial free(99.9%) condition, it starts to ferment hence creating a special tangy taste. It is full of natural enzymes and amino acids.


Stingless bee honey is known as Mother Medicine and there are an increasing number of traditional practitioners and researchers suggesting its consumption. What makes stingless bee honey stand out is the fact that it is far more nutritious than regular honey. Stingless bees are tinier in size compared to regular bees and can therefore extract nectar deep within a flower’s space. The result is honey that contains more vitamins and minerals. Being adopted in traditional medicine in Central and South America, and Africa, stingless bee honey has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and can play a role as a medicinal agent as well.

Add this unique sour honey to your collection!  A refreshing option apart from your usual sweet honey.



Regulating cholesterol level, blood pressure and sugar level
High enzymes
High flavonoids content

Boost immunity



1 Tablespoon/Pump = 1 Serving

Recommended For adults: 2-3 Tablespoons daily

One serving in the day, one serving at night

Take up to 2 – 3 times a day or consume as needed.



Always keep the cap sealed when not in use

Store product in cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight

Does not require refrigeration



  • For Consumption only (application at your own risk)
  • Not suitable for children under 1 year old
  • For pregnancy and babies please consult your physician for best advice


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