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[Starhub Exclusive] Bird's Nest with Organic Honey (Bundle of 4)

[Starhub Exclusive] Bird's Nest with Organic Honey (Bundle of 4)

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This bundle of 4 Beauty Booster is all we need! 
With this bundle, you will be able to get all of our natural floral flavours and
FREE 1 Multifloral Honey 500g & ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY
1 x Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey
1 x Rose Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey
1 x Osmanthus Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey
1 x Lavender Chamomile Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey

Hand cleaned and all natural, we select the finest bird’s nests around Malaysia. Freshly cooked and infused with organic honey, enjoy one of the world’s finest delicacies with a honeyed twist!

Our organic Honey Bird's Nest flavours provide you with a full body and mind experience, with notes of relaxation, gracefulness and serenity!


No Artificial Flavouring, No Preservatives, No Colouring

Disclaimer: All natural bee products can cause allergies. Do consult a Physician if in doubt.



Our Promise To You


Our Founder has 11 Years Experience on Beekeeping

Having seen the Good and Bad of The Honey Industry

We like to Offer You an Authentic Honey that:

-Does not include any artificial sugar

-Is harvested from our own bee farms

-No Antibiotics, No Chemicals

Our 20,000 Beehives Are Located in The Rural part of Malaysia that have lesser pollution and presence of natural wild flowers

As the natural habitats of bees are dwindling, it is also our priority to do our best to protect and conserve the bees while consuming the goodness of the bee products

Our Honey Are Extracted using Traditional Methods unlike modern extraction methods that is less harmful to the bees.

Support us in our Fight For Authentic Honey and Sustainability in Bee Keeping

Product Purchased on our website will be fulfilled on the next working day


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