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S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] (100g x 5)
S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] (100g x 5)
S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] (100g x 5)
S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] (100g x 5)

S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] (100g x 5)

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13 Honey celebrates 6th Anniversary!

S.E.A (Southeast Asia) Honey [Anniversary Edition] 

Each box is embossed with a unique serial no.

  • Serial No.(Any number): $168 
  • Serial No.(Specific Selection): $208 
  • Serial No.(88 / 131 /148 / 168 / 178 / 188 / 288): $228 
  • Serial No.(1 to 9): $268

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    Keep this set as your first collector series from 13 Honey. It is also the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, or clients. 

    Reserve your set fast,
    limited sets available! 

    S.E.A Honey is a celebration of 5 different tropical fruits and flowers. This specially curated gift set is a representation of the Asian culture and heritage.

    Southeast Asia has one of the greatest diversities of vegetation of any region due to its tropical climate.

    Bees are one of the main pollinators for all the plant. Southeast Asia Honey is a collection of honey harvested from various tropical plant species.

    Melaleuca cajuputi, commonly known as cajuput or white samet is a plant of myrtle family. Same family as clove, guava, allspice and eucalyptus. Commonly found in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    Star Fruit, also known as Carambola, is a species of tree native to tropical S.E.A.

    Coconut, is a member of the palm tree family. Coconut is commonly found in the coastal tropical region, hence a cultural icon of the tropics.

    Durian, known as the king of fruits, are found in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Durian flowers are pollinated giant honeybees (Apis dorsata).  

    Wax apple, also known as wax jambu, is native to Greater Sunda Islands and Malay Peninsula.

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