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[Festive Promo] Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey
[Festive Promo] Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey
[Festive Promo] Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey
[Festive Promo] Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey

[Festive Promo] Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey

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With the festive season fast approaching, we are all scrambling to find the ideal gift for our loved ones this Christmas.

Are you...

Looking to find a present that is affordable yet thoughtful?

Searching for something more meaningful than the generic gift?

Dreading the looming headache of finding gifts for everyone?

Feeling drained thinking about the number of gifts you have to wrap?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to any of the questions above, 13 Honey has the perfect solution for you!

No need to look any further.

Perfect as gifts for your colleagues in the office or for visiting relatives and family members.

⭐ Our 13 Honey Royalty Series! ⭐

All natural and organic - Harvested directly from our own bee farms!

No added fillers or preservatives - Ensuring each drop consists of 100% pure golden goodness!

Immunity booster - Bolsters the immune system, allowing the body to withstand common viruses.

Exquisite packaging - Adorned with holly and comes with an exclusive golden latch for a festive, elegant vibe!

Create a good impression - Impress your loved ones with this well-thought health boosting gift with tasteful design!

Customisable - Comes attached with a personalised note to show your affection for your loved ones!

Why Honey as a Gift? 🎀

Since the olden ages, honey has been valued as a treasured and considerate gift. 

It was known reverently as liquid gold and used as currency, tribute or offerings.

A symbol of wealth and luxury.

Coveted by our ancestors, it was commonly presented as a token of attentiveness and of utmost respect to recipients.

Gift honey to your loved ones and show them the significance and respect they deserve this holiday season!

More than just Honey ✨

Fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free and full of antioxidants!

Nature’s best gift that many love to add to their daily diets!

Tasting so good, a natural food enhance, Honey is also a favourite as a sugar substitute for the health conscious!

Honey tastes even better than sugar, without losing out on the additional nutrients.

You don’t have to give up on flavour as long as you have honey!

Because it’s great as a sugar substitute, honey is also a favourite for many bakers to use.

Honey cookies! Honey sponge cakes! In pies! 

And have you tried Honey Cheesecakes? Those are amazingly decadent.

You can have favourite sweet treats and have them HEALTHIER too with honey!

Aside from being used in food, did you know honey has also been a sought-after remedy for medicinal uses for centuries?

This is because it has antibacterial properties, making honey an ideal barrier against infections for wounds.

The natural antibacterial properties also help to buff up the immune system, protecting us from common viruses.

So you’ll see the use of honey in medicine or medical practices as well!

Whether you’re taking your daily spoonful or in any form of medicine, this vitamin-filled nature food is sure to super boost your immunity.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a healthy immune system is vital to keep us protected!

Get your strength booster with 13 Honey! 

Why our Royalty Series? 👑

Fit for royalty, 13 Honey’s Royalty Series Honey makes for a thoughtful token of appreciation for anyone in your life.

Modeled after the precious gem of history chased by noblemen, with luxurious liquid treasure bottled delicately.

There’s nothing else quite as affordably extravagant.

Make them feel like a king and queen so easily with 13 Honey’s Royalty Series!

Show them how much you care 💝

Zero fat, no additives and a wealth of vitamins, our Multifloral Honey makes for a healthy gift.

Not only is it tasty and smooth, 

Our honey is all authentic and harvested naturally from our very own farms.

We can assure you every bottle has been meticulously maintained for the highest quality!

From the care of the bees and their hives, harvesting, to the packaging and distribution.

13 Honey is there every step of the way!

Ensuring we’re collecting our very own nectar of health in every bottle for you.

With such a gift, your giftee knows you only have their wellness in your best interest.

They can feel your warmth for them.

On top of that, each bottle comes with a personalised message for the recipient!

Send us your message to your loved ones and we will make sure they receive your heart-felt gratitude.

What better way to show your appreciation this holiday season, than with a message from the heart?

Express your festive wishes with this sincere gift today!

No need for anymore fuss!

So many people can agree that wrapping is the most tedious part of gift giving.

Delaying it till the last minute as possible.

And then ending up in a mad scramble for wrapping paper, ribbons and tapes only to end up with a messily wrapped present.

Isn’t that the worst?

You could have bought the most thoughtful or extravagant gift, but when it's wrapped badly…

It gives a bad first look.

No need for all that with our Royalty Series : Multifloral Honey!

When you pass this over as a gift, the first thing they will see is the simple, rustic simplicity of the pale wood box case.

Flipping the golden latch to open to an elegant bottle safely nestled in the box bringing imagery of luxury wine bottles.

They’ll meet the finest Multifloral Honey in a sleek frosted bottle at every pour.

Only our Royalty Series that comes with its own package. 

Absolutely hassle-free!

Worth every cent! 💰

By now, you know how our Royalty Series: Multifloral Honey can be one of the most thoughtful and versatile holiday gifts, suitable for anyone in mind.

So here comes the most important question: How much is it?

This well crafted gift retails for $55 but for this festive period, we are extending a ONE-TIME OFFER JUST FOR YOU

[Limited Time]

At a discounted price of $49 and FREE islandwide delivery, you will be getting: 

  • A gift that shows great attentiveness and consideration. Win the hearts of your loved ones with this sincere gift!
  • A luxurious gift with wholesome health benefits. Be in the limelight! Dazzle everyone with the elegant packaging of this superfood!
  • With a 3 year long shelf life and its vast versatility, you can take your time and decide what is the best way to consume our organic honey! Incorporate it into some of your favourite foods for that extra goodness!
  • Saves you the hassle of wrapping up gifts! With a well crafted wooden box and delicate decorations, you are all set to go! Spend this extra time with your loved ones or to catch up on some well deserved rest!
  • A gift suitable for everyone! No more idling around malls or online shops trying to find gifts for all your loved ones! Use that extra time to connect with your loved ones this holiday season!

One is not enough?

Then get more!

Purchase more than 1 Royalty Series: 500g Multifloral Honey and enjoy ADDITIONAL discounts on your purchase!

Our discounts are as follows:

1 x Royalty Series Honey: 500g Multifloral Honey @ $49 (U.P. $55, Save $6)
2 x Royalty Series Honey: 500g Multifloral Honey @ $89 (U.P. $110, Save $21)
3 x Royalty Series Honey: 500g Multifloral Honey @ $119 (U.P. $165, Save $46)

And while you are gushing with excitement thinking about how you have found the perfect holiday gift, I have some bad news for you.

You see, as our honey is imported into Singapore via our bee farms in Malaysia and due to the current Covid-19 pandemic…

We are only able to ship a small quantity of bottles each time.

And that would mean, stocks are VERY LIMITED.

In fact, as you are reading this, we are down to our last 100 bottles and are slowly running out of stock...

And if we do not have any stock left, we are unable to supply you with your perfect holiday gifts.

It takes a long time for stocks to be back up…

And the price will probably be bumped back up to $55 by the end of the month...

So hurry up, place your order before we are all sold out! 

All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products and packaging may vary due to product enhancement. Products and specifications are subjected to change without notice. All rights reserved.


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