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CCB Care Package 1 - 1 x 850g Wild Honey

CCB Care Package 1 - 1 x 850g Wild Honey

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In View of the Covid-19 Pandemic, 13 Honey (essential service) will like to play our part to contribute back to all our customers during the circuit breaker period.

With every purchase of our Season Wild Honey(850g), We will be giving away disposable masks and a bottles of hand sanitizer for FREE.

What the Packages Include:

Purchase 1 x 850g Wild Honey-$79.90(for Couples): 

  • Free 5x Adult Disposable Masks,
  • Free 1 x 30ml Hand Sanitizer


The wild and limited one.

Wild Honey is our limited-edition honey specially harvested from a species of wild bees name Apis Dorsata. These species of wild bees are migratory and naturally aggressive which makes the harvesting extremely dangerous. The honey is rich with enzymes and minerals helping with overall health and boosting the body with the essentials. The honey is ageing actively and constantly, making it the perfect natural tonic for the human body.



Soothing the throat
Higher minerals and enzymes

Regulates digestive problem



1 Tablespoon/Pump = 1 Serving

Recommended For adults: 2-3 Tablespoons daily

One serving in the day, one serving at night

Take up to 2 – 3 times a day or consume as needed.



Always keep the cap sealed when not in use

Store product in cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight

Does not require refrigeration



  • For Consumption only (application at your own risk)
  • Not suitable for children under 1 year old
  • For pregnancy and babies please consult your physician for best advice


Purchase Now!

Buy More Get More

Purchase 5 x 850g Wild Honey-$395(for Families):

  • Free 1 x Wild Honey (850g)
  • Free 25 x Adult Disposable Masks
  • Free 5 x 30ml Hand Sanitizer
  • Free 1 x Honey Dispenser Kit
  • Free 1 x Wooden Spoon (small)
  • Free 1 x !3 Honey Passport Holder With Lanyard


Purchase 10 x 850g Wild Honey-$790(For Big Families):

  • Free 3 x Wild Honey (850g)
  • Free 50 x Adult Disposable Masks
  • Free 10 x 30ml Hand Sanitizer
  • Free 1 x Honey Dispenser Kit
  • Free 1 x Wooden Spoon (small)
  • Free 1 x !3 Honey Passport Holder With Lanyard



Singapore Honey that is loved by Japanese, checkout our #13honey hashtag on instagram:

Japanese are very particular with what they eat and they love our honey because we are particular with our Honey.

From Bee Farms to Delivering the Honey To Your Doorsteps, we control every process strictly to ensure that you get only the best honey from us.

Why Are We Different

1) We Owe Our Bee Farms
2) No Added Artificial Sugar
3) No added Antibodies
So Try Our Honey And Feel The Difference Yourself Today!
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